Hi hi…when no work to do

Because I have now work at work, guess what! I am creating a blog! With what? Good question. With anything about anything. We shall see…


Hello world :)

Why blog & for Who? This is the first question that comes to my mind when I see so many people creating a blog: fashion blog, personal development blog, cooking blog, travel blog, whatever.

My first questions is: who cares? There is so much information going around, certified information, who cares about personal views? Everyone has a personal view…why create a blog? If you are not a public figure known by a bunch of people who you can influence with your opinions, than it does not matter that much.

You create a blog in order to educate, influence, offer information (new information!).

So I will keep this more like a journey so I have no one to influence, I have no tool to do that and I am no expert what so ever in any field. It is just me, my feelings and thoughts.

Happy¬†reading¬†to myself…